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Character Creation

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 29, 2015 3:23 am

Like normal, everyone starts as a Level 0 Trainer, with 28 points to spread among their stats, which all start at 6. No stat can exceed 14 at Level 0


Once you reach Level 1, if you meet the requirements, you can become one of the Classes: 

  • Ace Trainer: Needs 13 Strength and 13 Constutition, likes to refuse to just die already, better at training pokemon. 
  • Breeder: Needs 13 Wisdom and Charisma. Gets bonuses to breeding, and can later on get various excellent support abilities. 
  • Capture Specialist: Needs 13 Dexterity and Intelligence, does things like making their own pokeballs and laying snares. The rogue equivalents, really. 
  • Coordinator: Needs 13 Charisma and Constitution. Gets buffs to winning Contests, and also basically the Bard. Not necessarily bad in combat - contests still train attacks, remember. 
  • Martial Artist: Needs 13 Strength and Dexterity. You don't do much to help your pokemon, but you can punch things too (outside of official League battles). 
  • Mystic: Needs 13 Strength and Wisdom. They can 'channel' pokemon to understand them and temporarily gain the ability to use their Moves. 
  • Psychic: Needs 13 Intelligence and Constitution. They can fight alongside their pokemon like the Martial Artist, but need to spend HP in order to use their moves effectively.
  • Ranger: Needs 13 Dexterity and Charisma. You gain access to the Capture Styler to temporarily tame wild pokemon in addition to the ones you can capture normally, and tend to fall in with law enforcement very well. 
  • Researcher: Needs 13 Intelligence and Wisdom. You don't need to scan something with your pokedex to know about it, you just do

All trainers begin play with 4 basic pokeballs, comfortable clothes (no armor), and a potion along with 1000 pokedollars.

In addition, you start with two pokemon at Level 10, with a randomly generated Nature and two randomly generated Abilities from its available list (I'll be doing that bit). The rules for selecting these pokemon are simple: One of them has to be from the traditional starter selections from any of the games (So you could take a Fennekin, a Squirtle, a Chikorita, whatever) and another one has to be something you could realistically explain catching early on in your journey, like a Seawaddle, Pidgey or one of the Elemental Monkeys. Remember, because of the influx of other species, they don't need to be native to Hoenn. 

For various reasons, I'd like to do Pokemon creation with you over skype. It doesn't take that long, and it makes sure everyone understands what they can do.


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