League Battle Rules

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League Battle Rules

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 10, 2015 11:07 pm

  1. In a League Battle, the trainers cannot participate. They are assumed to take their turn at the same time as their pokemon, and can only use 'command' features if they have any, such as the "Go for the Horn" general feature that anyone can take. 
  2. Unless otherwise specified, League battles are 1v1, with no switching until one has fainted. If the other trainer is going to send out another pokemon, BEFORE the trainer knows which pokemon is going in they can opt to send out a different one. 
  3. Targeting another trainer with a pokemon attack is a serious offence and may lead to league sanctions up to and including stripping your Trainer ID. 
  4. Deliberate lethal force will automatically strip you of your Trainer ID. Do not attack a fainted pokemon. 
  5. League Battles that take place outside of an arena must have the trainers stand to the side for their own safety, often right next to each other. In an arena, there will be a platform of some kind that the trainer must remain on until their pokemon has fainted. 
  6. The trainer cannot use items, although pokemon can still hold them. 


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